About Us

Backed by over thirty years in the trade and building the Highlands since 1987, Lenarduzzi Builders is as renowned for their fine craftsmanship and accountable project management as they are for their attention to detail and strong communication and professional service.

In 2007 the Company was selected as a suitably experienced specialist building contractor for the Historic Houses Trust of NSW to carry out conservation works on their properties across the state as part of the Endangered Houses Fund Program.

Our established, committed and highly skilled team of tradesmen demonstrates expertise in all aspects of building by:

  • Attaining and practising a high degree of craftsmanship in the restoration of homes, business premises and the building of new major work
  • Delivering accountable project management to a high standard.

Ensuring that client aspirations for their property are achieved by fostering clear communication with the architects and/or client throughout the entire project.

Our focus on the delivery of outcomes leading to complete client satisfaction and we are committed to:

  • Providing professional service while providing a totally managed project environment with one point of personal contact.
  • Adhering to completion timelines and budgets.

We pride ourselves in our:

  • Sound knowledge of the locale 
  • Clear communication
  • Time management and attention to detail and ability to provide innovative solutions and 
  • Seamless integration with the architect.

Phil Lenarduzzi, Director

Phil Lenarduzzi

Phil Lenarduzzi

Phil Lenarduzzi came to building in “a different time and era” when he obtained an apprenticeship with the Public Works Department, Building Construction And Maintenance Branch, Sydney, New South Wales, which at the time oversaw the conservation work, maintenance and new construction on major heritage government buildings in the city of Sydney. He completed the Carpentry/Joinery Trade Course at Randwick Technical College.

It was the late 1970s. In those days (the Department of) Public Works managed and maintained many significant heritage government buildings across Sydney. During my apprenticeship I was exposed to new and conservation projects on many buildings designed and constructed in the 19th Century. The Public Works applied an array of trades and did the job from concept to completion.

Phil worked on everything, from the renewing of windows to the repair and restoration of old buildings such as Hyde Park Barracks, The Mint Building, Sydney Technical College Ulltimo and Darlinghurst as well as the Central Courts and Parliament House, Sydney.”

His training exposed him to a wide range of applications and expertise and he embraced the traditional training administered by his mentors across the 4 years of his apprenticeship.

He found himself “working with World War II vets who were from a different era”
 and was inspired by “their different sense of pride in being tradesmen. They took pride in their dress. Many came to work in a tie and changed into their work clothes for the day! It was an era of pride, so we had good mentors and were traditionally trained in a gamut of trades and I took on board everything I could possibly learn from it.”

Following completion of his apprenticeship Phil moved back to the Highlands and was quickly able to adapt the craftmanship and skills he learned with the Public Works, whether restoring old homes to their former glory or building new homes. He also honed his skills in joinery and in the manufacturing of custom joinery and cabinet work.

Phil has developed ongoing and strong working relationships with subcontractors and suppliers who provide his projects with expertise ranging from masonry to ironmongery to French polishing as required.

He has also developed ongoing and strong working relationships with two traditional joinery shops and other restoration and heritage resources locally, in Sydney and across New South Wales.

Over the years, Lenarduzzi Builders have completed numerous heritage and conservation projects from the Colonial period through to the 20th century. Phil’s personal preference is for the 1920s and 1930s eras.

Highly respected in the trade he is as widely recognised as a reliable team leader and communicative project manager as he is for his attention to detail.